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Studio Calathea

Exclusive Genesis Solar Light Remote Series by Studio Calathea®

Exclusive Genesis Solar Light Remote Series by Studio Calathea®

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Shop our exclusive remote series of Portable Solar LED Lanterns. These lights offer bright, dim, red, and blinking options. Great for hanging in high-up spaces or if you want to turn all of your lanterns on with one remote control at the same time.
Great for porches, patios, decor, indoor and out, night lights, hanging in trees, table lamps, events, gatherings, and more.

3.5" X 3.5" Foldable Square. Each light comes with an upcycled cotton high-quality bag for storage. Each pack will hold up to three lanterns folded. No more cords, no more fussing with batteries. This is a light that you will lone. You won't only want one of these. The natural ambient light option offers a great backdrop, and the bright light is great for having the needed amount of light in any given space.

6 LEDS | Size Unfolded 3.5" Square | 6-10 Hours of Charge | Lightweight 3 oz 

Comes with Remote Control | 4 Settings | Material Recyclable PET PVC Free | Waterproof 

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