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Studio Calathea

Hurricane Solar Lights and Survival Collection and Solar Lantern by Studio Calathea™

Hurricane Solar Lights and Survival Collection and Solar Lantern by Studio Calathea™

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The only 201-piece emergency kit and backpack with a premium, foldable and waterproof solar lantern—each pack with a 3.5" 3.5" solar lantern and pieces of survival gear.

The Foldable Solar Lantern and Backpack are both weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an easy way to bring light and safety along with them wherever they go. This professional grade 201 piece survival kit comes complete with everything from first aid to essential needs.

No more hassling with batteries or cords when you need light. The Foldable Solar Lantern is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast's kit. It's compact, lightweight, and easy to pack so that you can take it with you on your next camping trip or hiking adventure. It also makes a great addition to any emergency kit or car preparedness kit—just in case there's a blackout or earthquake or if you're getting ready to go on a long road trip.

Lantern: 6 LEDS | Size Unfolded 3.5" Square | up to 9 Hours of Charge | Lightweight 3 oz and Foldable

4 Settings | Material Recyclable PET PVC Free | Waterproof | Powered by the Sun

Backpack: Black or Camo Color Options | 6” left to right – 3.5” wide 8.5” high

Genesis by Studio Calathea Waterproof and Foldable Solar Lantern 3.5”X3.5” with 4 settings including and SOS Blinking and Insect Color Repellent Setting.

Thermal Blanket for Hypothermia Prevention | Dim, Bright, red and SOS Blinking | Mini Bandages | Alcohol Pads |Adhesive Bandages| Knuckle Bandages |Fingertip Bandages | Sterile Gauze Pads | Sting Reliefs |PVC Gloves | First Aid Tape | Burn Dressings | EMT Shears | PBT Bandages | CPR Masks | Tweezers | Safety Pins | Cotton Balls | Cotton Tips | Soap Wipes | BZK Wipes | Iodine Prep Pads | Eye Pad | Wound Dressings | Triangular Bandages | Butterfly Bandages | Elastic Bandages | Gridlock Locking D-Ring | Web Dominator | Whistle | 6’’ Glow Sticks | Additional Mini First Aid Kit Pouch

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