Studio Calathea™ Provides Portable Solar Lamps to Hurricane Recovery

Studio Calathea Portable Solar Lantern Cubes

Studio Calathea Provides Solar Lamps to Hurricane Recovery

Orlando, Fla. (November 1, 2022) – Orlando-based Studio Calathea, a new manufacturer of portable, solar-powered lanterns, is dedicated to making a difference in the world with light by helping in any way they can when disaster hits.

Shortly after the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Fort Myers area, Teresa Guastella, founder of Studio Calathea, was asked by a business partner if they had enough inventory to help with both locations in crisis, and her immediate response was yes.

“Many of our neighbors were affected by Hurricane Ian, especially in the Fort Myers area,” Guastella says. “We were certainly willing to help in any way we could.”

Overall, nearly 1,000 solar lanterns were shipped to help with disaster relief.

It’s the latest step in a journey that began with Genesis, a brand brought to market during the COVID pandemic. Guastella says she was very surprised by the response they got from their first run of Genesis lights.

At that time, Studio Calathea transformed from a traditional live event and production design agency to bringing a new unique, and portable outdoor solar light that folds flat, to market and used in several segments such as events, patio decor, camping, active life-style gear, and more.

The company is currently working on the next generation of lanterns with new high-end features not found on any other light.

As the new version comes to market, Guastella says they will continue to offer the tier-one Genesis brand for emergency preparation and disaster relief as an add-on option with their new premium products set to launch this Fall.

Currently, the portable solar lights can be found online at, Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and HomeRoots and in stores at several independent retailers


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